sometimes i look at strangers just doing their thing and im like “wow they’re so cool doing their own thing” or “oh my gosh she’s so pretty i wish i was her” or “damn that boy be fine i wonder if he single” and then I wonder do people think things like that about me when they see me walking down the street? do people get weird one second crushes on me?

Can anyone help me remember a movie?

So it’s been stuck in my head do how many years and no matter how I try and word it in Google it does not work!!! It’s getting to the point where I desperately want to give it up but I just can’t shake it!

The only reason why I remember it, is because it was the first illicit scene I’ve watched! So it’s frustrating that I can’t remember where it’s from… It may not even be a movie, it could have been a tv show… But anyway here’s what I remember.

- It’s set in a bedroom where there’s two single beds separated by a thin white bed sheet. It’s dimly lit and there’s two people on either side of the sheet. They’re step siblings — One boy and one girl. The girl takes off her shirt and the guy stares at her silhouette, awestruck.

The rest that of the story is kind of hazy and I don’t know if it’s my own imagination but here it goes…

- the girl then watches his silhouette walk around on the other side, she’s infatuated. Their desires become too over whelming and they pull the white curtain aside and they make out furiously.

That’s all I remember and hopefully someone could help me out… I’m so sick and tired of trying to find where this is from?!!!!


Soccer star David Beckham tries to hide his face as he is seen leaving The Bowery Hotel in New York City, New York on September 10, 2014. 

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